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Showing 1 - 24 of 25 products
Studio Antique - 60x60cm
Studio Studio Antique - 60x60cm
Sale price£52.99
Medicea Marble 120x600Medicea Marble 120x600
RAK Medicea Marble 120x600
Sale price£54.99
Statuarto Mercury Porcelain Marble Effect 600x120mmStatuarto Mercury Porcelain Marble Effect 600x120mm
Studio Sabbia - Wall 120x60cmStudio Sabbia - Wall 120x60cm
Studio Decor - Floor 60x60cmStudio Decor - Floor 60x60cm
Eternal Arena StructuredEternal Arena Structured
Eternal Arena Eternal Arena Structured
Sale priceFrom £42.99
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Slate iron 60x30
RAGNO Slate iron 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Slate ice 60x30
RAGNO Slate ice 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Slate shell 60x30
RAGNO Slate shell 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Mineral bronze 60x30Mineral bronze 60x30
Marazzi Mineral bronze 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Mineral silver 60x30Mineral silver 60x30
Marazzi Mineral silver 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Mineral iron 60x30Mineral iron 60x30
Marazzi Mineral iron 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Mineral black 60x30Mineral black 60x30
Marazzi Mineral black 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Ardesia cenere 60x30Ardesia cenere 60x30
Marazzi Ardesia cenere 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Ardesia blanco 60x30Ardesia blanco 60x30
Marazzi Ardesia blanco 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Studio grey 60x30
RAGNO Studio grey 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Studio ice 60x30Studio ice is a very versatile porcelain available in so many sizes and colours to suite any project very popular on large floor areas lovely to cut goes well with antique pattern tile shown in picture on floor which inherits all the colours from the range
RAGNO Studio ice 60x30
Sale price£42.99
Mohavi rain 60x30
Mohavi moon 60x30 cm
Evostone natural 80cmx40cm
Evostone ivory 80cmx40cm
Silk grey 60x30cm

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